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By GFT Online-Complete-Solution packages you can choose from 70+ Themes and more than 2500 Content Block, unlimited Colors and Content Block arrangements are self-evident.

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GFT New Media Online-Complete-Solutions Service-Packages are a modular system! For the purpose of each individual website, Services can be added when needed or removed at any time if not required. Thus, it is possible to create individual Online-Solutions for each website and reduce at the same time the costs for our clients.

The Service-Packages including everything that is needed to run and maintain a professional and successful website. You can choose from 70+ Web Themes with more than 2500 different content blocks and counting. Unlimited colors are self-evident.

All Service Plans including: Web & Logo Design, Web Hosting, SSL Certificates, S.E.O. Optimization, Website Backups, Website protection via SecureLock, 24/7 Support, Website Maintenance Service, high-quality Stock Photos, and Videos, and much more.

The special offer on this site, which is limited, grand you 3 month access to an individual website, made for you. After 3 month you can decide to keep going on with the website for just $9.95 per month. If you decide not longer using this website you will not be charged, not even 1 penny.

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